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"Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind" CD 2019 Alone Records reissue


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This is the 2019 Alone Records CD reissue of the Thrash/Speed/Power metal classic "Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind" by Temple of Blood.

We've have been asked about the availability of this one for years and now it is finally back! Forget about the insane prices on eBay and discogs. Alone Records has done a fantastic job on the redesign of this one. Pick this one up before they're all gone again!

"If you want to listen to some music that stands out from modern mediocrity, you should definitely go for this album!" - Forgotten Scroll Webzine

"I see Temple Of Blood as 'THE' US Power / Speed revelation of the last few years. 96/100" - Metal to Infinity Webzine

"Wow! It's always a pleasant surprise to hear a band you have never heard before and at the same time realize that it is pure quality." - Victory Webzine

"I found myself truly enjoying this disc." - Heaven's Metal Magazine

"I'm so glad that there are still new bands [] who know how to make real metal these days! 93/100" - Mario's Metal Mania

"Wow! Do bands still make real speed metal and thrash like this? Obviously so!" -

(Note: If you are ordering from Europe or Asia, please order this from Alone Records' webstore in Greece. I will not ship to anywhere that is not in North or South America from this website.)

SOLD OUT! But don't despair, you can still order copies from these fine distros:

Boone's Overstock:
Girder Music:
Sentinel Steel:
Heavy Metal Museum:
Christian Metal Distro:
Thrashback Records:
Brent's Christian Rock/Metal:

Alone (Greece):
The Metal Onslaught (UK):

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